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Who We Are ?

Established in 1992, IPMC stands as West Africa’s largest IT conglomerate, with its training division dedicated to providing globally recognised IT courses. Over the span of three decades, IPMC's IT Learning Centers and IPMC College of Technology have empowered over 2 million students to cultivate their IT skills across a wide spectrum of Professional, Corporate, and Undergraduate courses. These essential IT courses pave the way for students to achieve their career aspirations in the contemporary landscape of Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

IPMC proudly offers internationally renowned certification programs encompassing Graphic & Web Designing, Database Technology, Software Engineering, System Engineering, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Big Data and others. Designed by industry experts, these certifications align with the latest technological trends, ensuring relevance and applicability in today's dynamic environment.

At the heart of our approach are modern labs situated within our technology centres, enriching learning experiences by translating classroom theories into practical understanding. Our seasoned instructors expand professional horizons through industry excursions and peer networking. Upon completing the course, you'll hold an IPMC certificate, a testament that not only enhances your profile but also differentiates you within competitive arenas.

Over the past three decades, IPMC has solidified its position as a household name and industry leader, actively contributing to the development of a digital economy through its expertise in system integration, software development, and IT skills cultivation. Acknowledged through various national awards and consistently ranked among Ghana's top 10 businesses in the Ghana Club 100, IPMC continues its dominance in the IT sector. With a workforce of over 750 across 26 locations in 7 countries, including our newly inaugurated North American headquarters in Kelowna, BC, Canada, we remain committed to shaping the industry landscape.

If you are

  • A university graduate wishing to enhance practical knowledge in the field of IT or to complement degree with additional professional certification
  • A high school graduate waiting to enrol in higher studies but wishing to gain professional certifications in the meantime
  • A person wishing to upgrade their IT skills to improve productivity with current job or to enhance job prospects
  • A student enrolled in school and wishing to get proficient in latest technologies during vacations
  • A high school graduate wishing to obtain a British degree while staying in Ghana

  • Anyone who is passionate about IT and wants to evolve with technology
  • Step into a future of possibilities.

The IPMC Advantage

  • IPMC is Ghana’s leading IT Training Institution, with over 2 million professionals trained in the last 3 decades.
  • Our brand is synonymous with excellence in the field and has consistently been the first choice for career advancement.
  • We work closely with over 500 industry experts, ensuring you gain access to a wealth of rich and industry-relevant knowledge
  • IPMC is Accredited by both the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) and the National Accreditation Board (NAB) for NCC Education, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.
  • Accredited and recognised as a training organisation, partner, education provider and examination centre by globally renown institutions such as:
    ⇒ NCC
    ⇒ University of Greenwich
    ⇒ CompTIA
    ⇒ Pearson VUE
    ⇒ Prometric
  • IPMC has received notable recognition over the years, including awards from the Ghana Investment Promotion Council for remarkable contributions to educating Ghana’s workforce.
  • IPMC Graduates have proven themselves again and again with their adept practical skills. Employers know that getting IPMC graduates on board is a strategic investment that will yields substantial returns.
  • Today, IPMC Graduates work for businesses in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and beyond. An association with IPMC makes you part of a global network of accomplished professionals, positioning you to thrive in diverse industries and cultural landscapes.

Our Leadership

Our leadership brings together a diversity of experience in the fields of technology, business, education, and philanthropy. We champion the ethos of collaboration and transparency, that enables us to have a team that is driven, passionate, and approachable.



Our Team is Dynamic and we all share the same passion. Since our inception in 1992, our philosophy which has remained unchanged is to put our customers first and to consistently provide next-generation services. A key reason for our success is that we employ high-quality talent that truly cares about our customers. We love to make a difference.


Mr. Gurdip Hari

Mr.Gurdip Hari , Co-founder and the first Managing Director of IPMC has helped in growing the company from its infancy, and continues to guide its development with his knowledge of developing of our inner self.

He is an author, educator, and a leader with strong values. Having made his life’s mission to awaken every individual’s sense of purpose, he promotes good health and wellbeing among communities through his various books on mental, physical and spiritual health. His dream project of promoting a more balanced form of education – the Healthy Mind International School – is now ready to serve the Ghanian society.


Mr.Amardeep Singh Hari

Mr.Amardeep Singh Hari , A seasoned entrepreneur, educator, and philanthropist with 30 years of experience building and developing successful businesses, Amar Deep S Hari is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of IPMC.

His experience spans product development, sales and distribution, software development, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, retail, and agriculture setups in India, USA, Canada, Ghana, and other West African countries. Having lived in Africa for close to four decades, Hari is devoted to seeing Ghana become the epicentre of IT in Africa. Hari serves on the founding teams and boards of for-profit and non-profit organisations in the fields of science, technology, information services, trading, and hospitality. He remains a lifelong traveller, and a student of cultures and people.


Mr.Sanam Hari

Mr. Sanam Hari ,The Present Managing Director of IPMC, has spearheaded new growth initiatives and introduced transformative solutions for ITES and matured data-driven business models.

His passion of team building and use of technology across the enterprise is helping IPMC’s customers adapt solutions that increase efficiency, scalability, and security in their businesses. Bringing digital transformation in the modern day organization is a mission he has tasked himself to accomplish with a zeal for technology that drives the youth of today..

Our Partners